Ten Weeks Make Up Course - NEXT START ON THE 19th MARCH 2019

Price: 1200€

The 10 week makeup course will appeal to people who want to learn real makeup skills for real makeup situations, be it a fashion shoot, TV work, bridal makeup or a debs.  If you are already working in the beauty industry, this course will enable you to home in on your expertise as a makeup artist to give you the confidence and  know-how to pursue a career in makeup artistry.  On the course, Ken teaches only up to ten people per class, so you will be getting group and one-on-one tuition from one of Ireland’s top makeup artists, passing on all he has learnt, his tips and tricks, in his 25 year career.  You will be supplied with a comprehensive set of notes for each class, so you can give your full attention to the practical skills being shown by Ken.  


Makeup is something you can show people how to apply correctly, but at the end of the day if they don’t practice and make what I am teaching them their own skill, it will not work for them and they would have wasted their time.”  Makeup is an art that can be taught, but it’s up to you to become the artist.  

This course is broken down each week, focusing on the most important skills in makeup artistry. Having covered a specific area during your class, you then go home and practice so Ken can see your development when you come back the following week.  Homework will be assigned each week, which will have to be emailed to Ken before the commencement of the following week’s class.  

The makeup kit supplied to you by Ken is a professional working kit. The products contained in the kit are the best sellers in Ken’s Makeup/Play range, and will be of great use to you during and after the course.  The makeup that we provide in our kits is of top quality and is what Ken uses himself in his makeup kit for all the situations described above.  The same goes in relation to the brushes.  They are top quality natural hairbrushes and are essential to the course, without them you can’t do makeup!  So, once you finish the course you will have the tools and skillset to start working straight away. 

The shoot at the end of the course is designed in a way that you can see your makeup skills and see what it’s like to work on a real beauty shoot - two looks per student are encouraged for this session.  

The payment plan designed for you: Deposit of 200 euro before the start of the course followed by 10 weekly installments of 100 euro paid at the beginning of every class.